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USC: Counterforce is a turn- and squad-based, tactical sci-fi strategy game, the direct sequel both story- and gameplay-wise to Ultimate Space Commando. Taking up on the events where USC ended, as a high-ranking naval officer of United Space Command, you’re tasked to lead a 3-ship strike force back to planetary body M-8322--the scene of the original Wraith Incident--to investigate and neutralize the remainders of a still mostly unidentified alien threat. But what you find there may very well change the course of history forever…

The “original USC gameplay” returns with a brand new engine with realistic, top-down 3D graphics, an improved and modernized user interface, and partially redesigned, even more in-depth combat mechanics.

Main features

-- FIELD TACTICS REDEFINED: An in-depth, RPG-lite game system with complex character attributes and skills, detailed combat mechanics, and elaborate inventory management fuels the turn-based tactical core of the game, enabling you to truly customize your forces and face the threats as you want.

-- LIVING ENVIRONMENTS: Fight and explore through fully interactable and destructible, varied multi-layered environments with useful, realistic mechanics: rearrange the battlefield, build barricades, avoid and exploit environmental hazards, lay traps, trigger chain reactions, seal airlocks or break through walls--but be aware, your enemies can also do so!

-- DETERMINE THE FATE OF HUMANKIND: Take command and lead your fleet in the story-driven, semi-randomized, multi-ended Campaign mode, where your tactical tasks are accompanied by free management of your ships and crews, the making of life-changing strategic decisions, and defending the relay station to Earth.

-- INFINITE REPLAYABILITY: Discover the other games modes: lead your marines on various, extremely challenging multi-mission Operations with unique goals; build, maintain and defend a functional outpost in Defend the Base!; and play however you want in the fully customizable Single Mission mode featuring a hot-seat co-op multiplayer option. All missions throughout the game are made by our proprietary Random Map Generator, providing limitless possibilities!

-- DISPLAY YOUR SKILLS: an *optional* online profile system takes your experience even further: compete in seasonal challenge missions, earn ranks, achievements and in-game goodies, dominate the leaderboards. Upgrade and improve your official, ranked squads mission by mission to create the Ultimate Space Commando.

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>>> Oh, no! Is there a bug in the game? Please fill out the "Bug report" here: https://forms.gle/XxaVBvtNqXzuCUTu6, you are awesome, thank you! ;)

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file & start "USC Counterforce.exe". Happy hunting! :)

Oh, no! Is there a bug in the game? Please fill out the "Bug report" here: https://forms.gle/XxaVBvtNqXzuCUTu6, you are awesome, thank you! ;)

Alpha 2 (v0.2.2) is the currently available build. First and foremost it finally adds SOUNDS and MUSIC to the game and contains lots of BUG FIXES, as well as balance changes to the already available 4 weapons, and difficulty scaling for the aliens. A lot of other functions are still barebone, though, as it is still a fairly early demonstration build.


USCCF_Alpha_0_2_2_Public.zip 872 MB

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Yes, there is a tutorial for the Alpha Demo on Youtube:

Have a nice day! :)


Angry Cat Studios

Is there a tutorial or manual?

There is no sound at all. Is this because it's a demo?


Yes, it is an Alpha Demo.

We are currently working on the sound system.

There will be an update soon. Keep your eyes peeled! :)


Angry Cat Studios