Interview with Derwen, the graphic designer/animator of Mimic Hunter!

Lev: Hello, what was your greatest challenge during the creation of the visual world of Mimic Hunter?

Derwen: The most difficult part was to build up the movement animations. I learned classic celluloid-based animation, but I had to draw every single main and inbetween key frames without actual celluloid involved…

Lev: Creating the assets for the #advjam2017 build was a bit rushed, wasn’t it?

Derwen: A “bit” was a serious understatement. 🙂

Lev: What did you enjoy in the Mimic Hunter project?

Derwen: I really enjoyed drawing props, especially I enjoyed drawing and animating the monsters. And I was 100 percent sober! 🙂

Lev: What do you think of the lead dev of the team, who constantly pushed you to your limits?

Derwen: I feel honored that she assumed I could live up to her expectations. 🙂

Lev: What helps you to keep up the good work?

Derwen: The very-very tight schedule. And coffee. And some more coffee too. Did I forget to mention coffee and the tight schedule?

Lev: How much were you involved in the conceptional design of the game?

Derwen: I was there right at the birth of the very concept. We were
in a dungeon in a very popular MMORPG and looting-robbing-killing
peacefully when we made some spectacular observations about the breeding
and behavioral patterns of various loot containers, some very friendly
bags near a waterfall in particular. It was than when we truly realised
that wooden chests are the more evolved specimens of the sacks, and
metal containers are the more ancient and dangerous elders of their
species… This is a true story!

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