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Monsieur Ratimousse, the legendary Mimic Hunter is facing the greatest and most dangerous challenge of his life yet. On a trail to find his mysteriously disappeared old mentor Barnabas, he now must make his way to the top of a forsaken tower to stop an ancient demon from entering the mortal world!

Mimic Hunter is an [adventurous platformer / platforming adventure] game (as you prefer!) set in a unique 2,5D world that involved a lot of applied trigonometry to make--you know, those weird demonic dimensions ;-)!

Created for #AdvJam2017 by Aliza Wenders & Derwen Llewelyn from Angry Cat Studios.

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Check out a short fight scene:

En guard! :)


mimic-hunter-demo-setup-061.exe (28 MB)

Development log


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Minor patch 0.6.1 released

A new version (0.6.1) of the game is now available! As per the rules of the Jam, it contains no new gameplay elements, content or features, only fixes for a few minor issues. I’ve been replaying the game many times on a hunt for bugs, and this is all that I have found! :-) Here are the changes:

— Fixed a graphical glitch with the Pause menu background on non-16:9 aspect ratio.
— Fixed a script that caused one platform to disappear unintentionally (though it did not hinder the gameplay at all).
— Wrapped the game in a proper stand-alone installer.

That’s all! Enjoy!

Just a quick look at this adventure plat-former that has a slight Castlevania vibe. If you see anything you like, be sure to give the devs a shout out and try the game for yourself.