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Hi Folks,

After many months of hard work, Mimic Hunter has now reached its Public Beta stage, with the final release on Steam only a month or so away! While we are still working on the final game content and polishing mechanics bit by bit, we wanted to show you how much the game has evolved since AdvJam2017 and also give you the opportunity to try/test it right away!

The completely free Beta Demo includes the Single Tower game mode and the Tower Builder (level editor) in its current public stage. In Single Tower mode, you can choose from 5 towers, including the full Tutorial and a demo of a WIP Campaign tower. You can also use the Tower Builder to its full capacity (excluding the Publish to Steam Workshop, which will come with the Steam release--along with 22 Achievements! ofc.) to experiment with as you like. The manual can be found at http://angrycatstudios.com/mimichunter/files/Tower_Builder_Manual_Beta_0922.pdf.

We really hope you will enjoy the Hunt! See you soon in the Final Release! ;-)


Monsieur Ratimousse, the legendary Mimic Hunter is facing the greatest and most dangerous challenge of his life yet. On a trail to find his mysteriously disappeared old mentor Barnabas, he now must make his way to the top of a forsaken tower to stop an ancient demon from entering the mortal world!

Mimic Hunter is an [adventurous platformer / platforming adventure] game (as you prefer!) set in a unique 2,5D world that involved a lot of applied trigonometry to make--you know, those weird demonic dimensions ;-)!

Created for #AdvJam2017 by Aliza Wenders & Derwen Llewelyn from Angry Cat Studios.

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Check out a short fight scene:

En guard! :)


mimic-hunter-demo-setup-061.exe 28 MB
Mimic_Hunter_Demo_Setup_0922.exe 122 MB

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Predators lurk around in the jungle.

Advanced combat training.

How it's made? Basic traps.

The making of the Battle the elements video.
Battle the elements.

Basic entity placement and editing.

Trial of the Aztecs :)
Enjoy our new desert soundtrack with some WIP footage.

Is the tower in 2D or 3D? Strange dimensions...

Use the Unbound energy to force push your enemies!

What's under the hood? Check it out with Aliza Wenders, our lead programmer/developer!

Lev: Hi, what did it take from a technical and development standpoint to make the former #Advjam2017 build into a full game?

Aliza: The better question would be that what did it take to make the #Advjam2017 build in two weeks? Of course a lot of improvements and additions were made to the core of the game since then, but the #Advjam2017 build was so -if I might say- elegantly built that we could mostly concentrate on making new content, fun features, and even a user-friendly, fully functional editor.

Lev: How did you manage the various tasks of the designing/programming and creating the graphical assets?

Aliza: We started using Trello as a way to share our ideas and the daily progress. But it was not that difficult to orchestrate the process, because we already knew how graphical assets had to be made, thus we could practically split the process of making graphics by Derwen, and the process of programming by me and only merge our works at the final stage.

Lev: How did you decide what should have been in the game and where would be the “end” to it?

Aliza: To be honest, it was never really decided per se, and there are still a lot of content we could add, but then we would still be making this game 10 years from now. Now we have enough content to present both visually, both gameplay-wise varied levels, and a good story.

Lev: How much story, puzzling elements and action/platforming elements will the game contain?

Aliza: We are trying to make the game accessible for fans of all three aspects. Some levels will be more lore and puzzle-heavy than others, but if you are a hardcore platforming fan, you could always ramp up the difficulty level... not that the normal difficulty will be easy!

Lev: Will the game be playable with a controller?

Aliza: Absolutely! I never used a controller in my whole life before, but I bought one just to test it with Mimic Hunter and to help me understand how it works, and what feels good, and I absolutely prefer playing with a controller to playing with a keyboard now. And all controls are remappable, so it shouldn't be an issue for anyone.

Lev: What was your main goal when creating the Tower Builder?

Aliza: The original #Advjam2017 tower was a 100% script generated level I coded in Notepad++, it saved a lot of time in those 2 weeks, but made it ultimately impossible to create more complex, larger towers, and I would never do it again. The Tower Builder is a completely point-and-click based, intuitive, WYSIWYG experience where you only need to write a few lines of script when you want to make some cool interactions or puzzles. The tower I was scripting for 4 days during the #Advjam2017 could be done in less than 6 hours now.

Folks, check out the development log! ;P


Minor patch 0.6.1 released

A new version (0.6.1) of the game is now available! As per the rules of the Jam, it contains no new gameplay elements, content or features, only fixes for a few minor issues. I’ve been replaying the game many times on a hunt for bugs, and this is all that I have found! :-) Here are the changes:

— Fixed a graphical glitch with the Pause menu background on non-16:9 aspect ratio.
— Fixed a script that caused one platform to disappear unintentionally (though it did not hinder the gameplay at all).
— Wrapped the game in a proper stand-alone installer.

That’s all! Enjoy!

Just a quick look at this adventure plat-former that has a slight Castlevania vibe. If you see anything you like, be sure to give the devs a shout out and try the game for yourself.